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Lockstock London is a product of its surroundings, coming from the gritty streets of East London which boasts a proud history. Hardened individuals taking pride in what they wear, how they look whilst striving to enhance their lives in every way. Lockstock aims to enhance British Tailoring bringing it into the modern era, introducing a whole new generation to high quality and innovative design.



“You are what you wear”



Lockstock has a brand philosophy that combines the love of Tailoring with Street style. The brand is committed to high quality and innovative product design, a fashion brand for the future of tailored street fashion with a worldwide appeal.



Creativity is the fundamental basis of Lockstock London concentrating on sharp silhouettes, quality fabrics and detailing. The collection offers outfits for both evening and daytime-wear.



The Lockstock customer looks for an original product from both the trend and core collections. The categories Lockstock offer will enable the consumer to create full outfits but also add to their current wardrobe to enhance their look.



“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval”

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